Introducing Endo-Assist – Making laparoscopic surgery safer.

Patient Safety

The Endo-Assist is an innovative surgical device designed to organize, preserve and protect laparoscopic instruments during laparoscopic surgery. Compared to the tradition of laying instruments directly on the patient or placing instruments in a flimsy plastic or paper drape pocket, Endo-Assist keeps the laparoscope and up to 6 additional instruments safely stowed and organized, effectively reducing the risk of patient injury.


The Endo-Assist is a US patent office registered and trademarked device designed to reduce waste, protect instrumentation, enhance patient safety and improve surgeon ergonomics during laparoscopic surgery. The overall result is a reduction in cost. By reducing instrument falls, operating room efficiency is enhanced which results in less intraoperative delays. Cautery and other energy-type instruments are safely retained, reducing the risk of patient injury. Instruments remain in front of the surgeon for easy access during surgery, enhancing ergonomics and reducing surgeon fatigue.


Endo-Assist was designed by surgeons to improve the efficiency and safety of laparoscopic surgery. Gone are the days of falling instruments, tangled cords and intraoperative disorganization. Reduced are the risks of patient injury and drape fires. Regardless of table position, hot or potentially dangerous instruments are safely stowed for easy access and enhanced surgeon ergonomics. The Endo-Assist is infinitely adjustable and can be easily positioned anywhere on the operating table. Endo-Assist allows the surgeon to direct his or her focus on the operation being performed and not where the instruments are or “what just hit the floor.”

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